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KnokiiSync 0.2

From: Dimitris Stasinopoulos
Subject: KnokiiSync 0.2
Date: Tue, 3 Jun 2003 10:50:20 +0300
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Hi everyone,

I've just released KnokiiSync 0.2. Changes include:

- It actually compiles now :-)
- More configuration options. Namely:
        * Phone entries encoding (latin1, iso-*, etc)
        * Transfer options
        * Startup options: Connect to phone, read KAB, read phone
        * Entry format specification: Allows you to specify how
        your entries are entered in the (eg. "John Smith", "Smith, John", etc).
        Note that this must match all the entries in the phone, or knokiisync
        will not be able to find a match in the KAB! This is also true for the
        postal addresses.
- The program really quits when you close it. (This was an issue with the 
        skeleton source provided by KDevelop).

BTW: You need to restart knokiisync after any configuration changes. I'll 
fix this in 0.3.

Downloads available at:

If you have compiled gnokii with bluetooth support, please download 
knokiisync-bl-0.2, otherwise just download knokiisync-0.2.

Report any problems to me directly. I'll update as soon as I can if any 
problems exist. I want to have core functionality available and stable 

Have fun.


C programmers never die;
They are just CAST into VOID.

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