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gnokii Get/SetProfile?

From: Trevor Hawkins
Subject: gnokii Get/SetProfile?
Date: Mon, 02 Jun 2003 15:48:52 -0700


We are trying to change the ring and message alert options on a 6190 and
6310 using gnokii.  We would like to be able to change the phone between
a "normal" and "silent" mode under control of the PC.

We first thought of using the "GN_OP_Get/SetProfile" commands to alter
the call alert options for the active/current profile.  These commands
work great for changing the desired options of a profile, and we do not
have problems with GetProfile/SetProfile themselves.  

The problem is that when I make changes to the current/active profile,
they do NOT take effect until the profile is re-selected manually on the
phone (at least with the 6190).  The phone does not seem to notice that
I have changed the current profile's settings.

So, is there any way to change the "active" profile number or tell the
phone to re-read the "active" profile?  If there were, that would solve
an incredible slew of problems that we are facing.  

Thanks for any help!


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