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Re: Save SMS to mailbox - no date

From: Thomas Watz
Subject: Re: Save SMS to mailbox - no date
Date: Wed, 22 Jan 2003 09:49:22 +0100
User-agent: KNode/0.7.1

>  Hi Thomas,
>  gnokii : latest version from CVS 0.5.0pre (19.01.2003)
>  Phone : Nokia 6310 V 4.10 04-01-02 NPE-4
>  Cabel : DLR3-3P
>  System SuSE 8.1 ( ftp update )
for me:

gnokii: latest version from CVS 0.5.0pre4 (19.01.03)
Phone: 6510 V 04.12
Conn.: Irda
System: Debian testing(95%)/unstable(5%) mix

I builded a *.deb for myself using some special files from the 0.4.3 build 
from Bradley Marshall. I am not a experienced package builder and so I 
don't know, if this might be because of some compiling issues. But 
compiling gives no errors as I can see and the package is built without 

>> refreshing the SMS list as shown in its main window and a lot of funny
>> graphics moving around the shell ;-).
> Every pixel of the picture messages in the template folder is shown as "*"
> in the shell.

O.k. I see. Didn't know that.

> Can you move the SMS eg. from folder B to INPUT with your phone and is
> this SMS then displayed ?

Moving SMS to INPUT is not possible. I have some new messages in the INBOX 
and the OUTBOX folders and it is the same. No date is saved, but the 
correct date is shown inside the xgnokii window. BTW date = date and time


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