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Re: Save SMS to mailbox - no date

From: Thomas Watz
Subject: Re: Save SMS to mailbox - no date
Date: Tue, 21 Jan 2003 20:06:05 +0100
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Am Dienstag, 21. Januar 2003 17:45 schrieb Ulrich Hopp:

> Hi Thomas,
>> Forgot something:
>> Not all messages are shown from all folders all the time. Some folder
>> contents are not shown sometimes. Do not know why. No failures are shown
>> at the shell.
> sorry, dont't know what you mean. Are you talking about the folders in the
> SMS window in xgnokii ? If yes could you describe it a bit more detailed ?
> Is Reading of SMS activated ?

Yes, I am talking about the folders in the SMS windows in gnokii. With my 
6510 I created some folders for my own, lets say 'A', 'B' and 'C'. First, 
when I enter that window I activate SMS reading. After that gnokii is 
refreshing the SMS list as shown in its main window and a lot of funny 
graphics moving around the shell ;-). Then I change to the 'A' dir and 
xgnokii is showing all the SMS stored in the phone. Then I change to 'B' 
and no SMS are shown despite there are SMS's as I know.

I am not sure, if I understood the meaning of all this completely. What I 
like to do is to save some of my collected SMS, which are stored in my own 
created folders, to disc. It seems to be possible to save them to a 
mailbox, but the date is not saved correctly, but is shown correctly at the 
SMS window inside xgnokii. But I would like the date to be saved too.

Hope this have been more understandable. It is sometimes not easy to explain 
things like this :-)


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