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Re: Save SMS to mailbox - no date

From: Thomas Watz
Subject: Re: Save SMS to mailbox - no date
Date: Wed, 22 Jan 2003 09:50:44 +0100
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Am Mittwoch, 22. Januar 2003 09:05 schrieb Pawel Kot:

>> I am not sure, if I understood the meaning of all this completely.
> What I
>> like to do is to save some of my collected SMS, which are stored in
> my own
>> created folders, to disc. It seems to be possible to save them to a
>> mailbox, but the date is not saved correctly, but is shown correctly
> at the
>> SMS window inside xgnokii. But I would like the date to be saved
> too.
> Are these any kind of special SMS?

Hello Pawel,

no these are 'normal' text SMS. Moved from INBOX and OUTBOX to my own 


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