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Re: 6310(i) && Bluetooth

From: Pawel Kot
Subject: Re: 6310(i) && Bluetooth
Date: Wed, 22 Jan 2003 09:04:28 +0100

>>> Timothy Murphy <address@hidden> 21 January 2003 22:34:30
> On Tuesday 21 January 2003 15:31, Herbert Demmel wrote:
> > There is already a driver called "unixbluetooth.c" but I do not
know if
> > this one can be used already (this was my original question). When
> > with gnokii you do not use AT commands you have to use the FBUS
commands so
> > this is a *very* different thing than making some connection to the
> > the internet via dial up.
> Is this correct?

Yes. this is correct.

> As I said, I use the "model = 6310" setting in my .gnokiirc,
> and this works perfectly well as far as I am concerned.

Not with bluetooth.

> But my understanding from this mailing list
> is that one can say "model = AT" and then use AT commands.
> Is this a misunderstanding? --

Yes, this is a misunderstanding.
With "model = AT" this is gnokii who uses AT commands to communicate
with the phone. With AT capable phone if you want to use AT commands
don't use gnokii, use minicom or so as you wrote in the previous mail.

We have gnokiid binary that is a software modem emulator for the
that are not able to communicate using AT commands. These are only the
phones from nk6100 driver as far as I am concerned. (You should read
DataCalls-QuickStart in such case and gnokiid docs).


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