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Re: 6310(i) && Bluetooth

From: Pawel Kot
Subject: Re: 6310(i) && Bluetooth
Date: Wed, 22 Jan 2003 08:56:25 +0100

>>> Timothy Murphy <address@hidden> 21 January 2003 15:43:03
> > can anybody please tell me if the connection via Bluetooth to a
> > already works ?
> I'd be very interested in the answer to that.

Marcel Holtman wrote the basic bluetooth support for us. Now
it is waiting for me to finish the job.

> I should emphasize that the above was _without_ gnokii.
> I didn't understand how bluetooth was meant to be used
> _within_ gnokii -- it doesn't seem to be mentioned in the

Just like Irda. It isn't mentioned in the documentation because
we have not support yes. Dunno what you mean.

> I run gnokii with "model = 6310" in my .gnokiirc
> because I don't know how to use "model = AT".

Exactly the same as with "model = 6310".

> (I find the "DataCalls-QuickStart" document less than lucid.)

This document is completly irrelevant in this case.

> I'd be really grateful if someone could tell me
> exactly what commands they give after "model = AT" --
> rather than an essay on the subject.

gnokii --help will show you.

> (It seems to me a great pity people writing Linux documentation
> don't make more use of the "script" program.)

What is the "script" program?


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