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Re: Nokia 6310 and gnokii

From: Herbert Demmel
Subject: Re: Nokia 6310 and gnokii
Date: Sat, 04 Jan 2003 18:34:22 +0100

At 17:10 04.01.2003 +0100, you wrote:
* Christian Rogne writes:
>Why is it not possible to read all the numbers for one contact in the
>phone book ? Nokia 6310 have possibilities to save up to 4 numbers pr
>name, but when I import my contacts list from the phone to the xgnokii,
>I only get the first number.

Double click on it and you will find the other numbers. I don't have
xgnokii here ATM, perhaps you will have to click on the first number in
the new window. You can surely edit all 7 (IIRC) entries a 6310 can

Sorry to correct you, Markus, a 6310 can have 5 number entries + 4 text strings, that gives (hmm, let's start Excel, yes, I have it) a total of 9 :-)

If you are speaking about a e.g. 6210, 7 is correct, a 3510 has 8 entries, the URL entry is not supported when you have only 2 text strings, I think Nokia made this to enjoy us programmers...


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