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Re: Nokia 6310 and gnokii

From: Pawel Kot
Subject: Re: Nokia 6310 and gnokii
Date: Fri, 3 Jan 2003 00:48:03 +0100 (CET)

On 2 Jan 2003, Christian Rogne wrote:

Hi Christian,

> Why is it not possible to read all the numbers for one contact in the
> phone book ? Nokia 6310 have possibilities to save up to 4 numbers pr
> name, but when I import my contacts list from the phone to the xgnokii,
> I only get the first number.

Yes, it is possible, but probably not with xgnokii. An example with the
test numbers from my phone:

address@hidden:~/cvs/gnokii$ ./gnokii/gnokii --getphonebook ME 4 2> /dev/null
4. Name: Pawel Kot
Number: +48501111111
Group id: 5
Preferred number: +48501111111
Business number: +48226666666
Email address: address@hidden
Address: ;;ul. Marszalkowska 111;Warszawa;;;Polska
WWW address:
Cellular number: +48501111111
Notes: Adj
Home number: 123
Fax number: 456
address@hidden:~/cvs/gnokii$ ./gnokii/gnokii --getphonebook ME 4 -r 2> /dev/null
Pawel Kot;+48501111111;ME;4;5;11;10;2;+48501111111;11;6;3;+48226666666;8;0;4;
address@hidden;9;0;5;;;ul. Marszalkowska 111;Warszawa;;;Polska;44;0;6;;11;3;7;+48501111111;10;0;8;Adj;11;2;9;123;11;4;10;456

[I broke the last line so it was readable -- the output of -r is just one
line, not three]

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