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Re: Nokia 6310 and gnokii

From: Christian Rogne
Subject: Re: Nokia 6310 and gnokii
Date: 05 Jan 2003 21:10:18 +0100

Why these buttons ? Make it easy. If there are more than one number for
a contact, display the window with a list of the numbers of the entries.
When you choose a number, it gets into the sms window.

Where can I gather information about the different phones, if someone
tell me, I can prepare the list.


søn, 2003-01-05 kl. 16:10 skrev Pawel Kot:
> On Sun, 5 Jan 2003, Markus Plail wrote:
> > * Christian Rogne writes:
> > >I have a person in my address book who have to cellular phones. Lets
> > >say 954xxxxx and 954yyyyy, 954xxxxx is the first entry, If I want to
> > >send a sms to 954yyyyy i have to check the phonenumber in the
> > >phonebook. There are no possibilities to get that number from the
> > >address list into the sms window automatically. This is a missing
> > >feature.
> >
> > Yes that's true unfortunately. xgnokii was designed with older phones
> > in mind. Support for newer features is a bit of a hack. Hopefully there
> > will be a new GUI started soon.
> What about the following solution: when you choose the name from the
> phonebook, open the next window.
> 1. When there's only one number for the entry it is automatically chosen.
> [There's such thing as the preferred number. Question: does it need to be
> set? Does it need to be equal to any of the other numbers?]
> 2. When the preferred number is set and there's more then one entry:
>  - two buttons: 'Use the preferred number' and 'Use the other number'
>  - first button chosen automatically uses the preferred number
>  - second one displays the window with a list of the numbers of the entry
>  - when you choose the number it gets into the sms window
> Would it be hard to implement? Is it worth to but the ammount of work in
> xgnokii?
> And we would need a list of the phones that can have more then one number.
> Anyone to prepare the list?
> pkot
Christian Rogne <address@hidden>

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