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6150 through infrared

From: Szabo, Tamas
Subject: 6150 through infrared
Date: Thu, 29 Aug 2002 18:29:43 +0100


I would like to use my 6150 with IR. But it seems that my laptop a bit buggy
at 115200 (maybe the echo cancelling is not work correctly because at 115200
I see some characters when I typing (not same characters which I type, some
kind of garbage) but those not appears at 57600 or below). As I realised the
initialisation use 9600 bps and it seems to be ok. But when try to switch
115200 the communication fails.

Is it possible to use infrared at lower speed (57600 or less)?

My other trouble that my computer only can use IR port in SIR mod after wake
up from standby (It is a VAIO PCG-N505X, with NSC 87338 compatible driver,
for IrDA I use nsc-ircc module). In IrDA mode it works correctly (with
irdadump I see the reply from phone (Nokia 6100...)). Has anybody experience
with similar problem?



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