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Re: Nokia 8290

From: Roger
Subject: Re: Nokia 8290
Date: 02 Aug 2002 20:31:35 -0400

On Fri, 2002-08-02 at 17:28, Pawel Kot wrote:
> On 2 Aug 2002, Roger wrote:
> > mandrake cooker kernel-
> >
> > this thread is getting off track and this data should be on the irda
> > mailling list...but here goes anyways:
> >
> > after hooking wvdial into /dev/ircomm2, i got some activity on ircomm2,
> > but on the other channels, i only get something like:
> Your setup seems confusing for me. Are you able to enable irda device at
> all? Not particularly with the phone?

i have no other irda devices. and nothing shows in the
/proc/net/irda/discovery file.

> How many serial ports do you have? How many of them are shown on the
> startup? If you have one serial port and two of them appear on startup you
> should disable /dev/ttyS1 with setserial.

i have my main serial port on this laptop disabled. i have a lt_modem
(win-modem drivers package) installed that gives me /dev/ttySLT0. on
startup, i do have one called /dev/ttyS1 (but i believe that this is my
irda device that is assigned via the laptops bios.)

and then (after i load the ircom/irtty modules)

also, i get a mess of /dev/tty0-63, (i believe these are the terminal

mmm...maybe after unloading the lt_serial and lt_modem modules (for the
ttySLT0 device for my winmodem), it did create some activity on the
ircomm1 or 2 port (irdadump).

however, i'm more curious as to exactly *what* should be happening
next!  what activity should i be *seeing* within the log files that i
should be seeing right now? or, shouldn't i be seeing something w/i
/proc/net/irda/discovery?  i'm going to try scanning thru the irda howto
again, but the documentation is lacking info on *what activity i should
be seeing* after i get these modules successfully loaded. (ie, smc
device discovered and shown in /var/log/messages, etc)

yes. i'm entirely new to irda devices.

i've also just posted my scratching to the irda mailling list ;-) (where
they should be ;-)

probabely my main question for this list is to find-out if anybody has
even gotten their nokia 8290 working with gnokii. i've gotten word from
the author of mygnokii2, that the device is supposedly working with that
branch of code, however, it keeps looking to /dev/ttyS1 (mmm...disable
the device...right...i'll do that later...mmmm)

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