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6310i key simulation

From: Ola Carlvik
Subject: 6310i key simulation
Date: Wed, 17 Jul 2002 20:54:27 -0700

Hi All

Does anyone of you know how the key simulation FBUS frams originally were
found for 6110 and other Nokia phones?

I am desperately seeking the codes 6310i and mayby other DCT-4 phones.
It will hopefully give an EXCELLENT way to enter data from a external device
into j2me in the phone....

So far I have by accident found out how send FBUS frames to simulate press
of up and down key on the 6310i, but no other buttons, and no release of the
keys as of yet.
Also see attached email.

Greatful for any hints.

Markus Plail wrote:

> Hi Ola!
> * Ola Carlvik writes:
> > Hi Markus
> > Do you know how the key simulation codes for the othe Nokia phones
> > were found in the first place?
> No idea. I am CCing the gnokii ML. Perhaps anyone there can help.
> > I haven't found any Windows programs that do that and there doesn't
> > seam to be any support for it in the Nokia PC connectivity SDK
> > either...
> same here
> > Did someone reverse engineer the hex code for the firmware??  ...can
> > the hex code for the firmware be found for the 6310i when it is a DCT4
> > phone?  I also read somewhere that the DCT4 uses encrypted firmware ?!
> I also read some strange things about the DCT4 firmware. For example
> netmonitor not working anymore, security code can't be read and also
> something about encryption, but I didn't dig too deep into it.
> Regards
> Markus

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