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RE: marcin stop flaming

From: Marcin Wiacek
Subject: RE: marcin stop flaming
Date: Fri, 31 May 2002 13:23:20 +0200

Hey Manfried,

Please read everything and if want, go into priv - maybe gnokii list
won't be interested.

> it seems you don't understand that you are flaming me
> and others. _any_ answer, agressive or moderate, lead
> to no other result, than to your next flame. additional,
> you misused the gnokii list for announcements for non
> gnokii issues. we tried to ignore this and to concentrate
> on our work.
> at the moment it seems to me there is only one option 
> open: to inform your ISP of your misuse of the gnokii
> list and to ask for your mailaccount to be shut down.
> i don't do this right now as an acknowledgement of your
> past work.
The most interesting in it everything is fact, that nobody is interested
in it, why I write it and nobody is interested, if I write the truth or
not. Or I will write it using different words: the most interesting is,
that I'm not right and gnokii projects grows very fast, is stable and
can be compiled under Linux, win32, dos, etc. I'm hang on to everything
and you will make all things proposed by me and other people better than
they're done.

If you think, I'm not right, show it. Concrete points, I'm not right and
why. OK ?

If you think, gnokii list should be moderated, do it. And inform all
current and future users. I don't think, saying some things like they
are, is wrong. It can be done of course different way, but I don't see
it now:

1.sending patches was not enough (according to my human possibilities
they were cut in chunks - you don't know me and don't know, if it was
possible for me split them more or not)

2.showing bugs is not enough and doesn't change anything (thread from 20
May about error 4, comment from Mplail that I shouldn't say anything,
because it's resolved; now problem returns, because source IS NOT
CHANGED; next comment from Pkot, that I will be done in not written
future, which means: probably never (it's showed and visible in the

3.speaking about problems made during moving MY source to gnokii didn't
change anything (example: small "discussion" about using the same format
for binary ringtones than made year earlier in mygnokii)

4.showing solutions smaller and faster and more optimalized than current
is not enough (mygnokii2 vice gnokii - I asked earlier gnokii developers
and make such (here were examples) commands and please think, if it's
better and how can be used; maybe projects can be joined again ?; there
was silence)

If you think, it's incorrect, inform my ISP (or unsubscribe me), I will
be silent and everyone will be happy, because there won't be voices
against. There will be no annoucements about WORKING software (IMHO,
very important for newbie, who doesn't want maybe to test next non
working version from CVS and don't know, that they're alternatives on
gnokii, because it isn't written on - simbol of free GSM
software - and where probably still stays somewhere mygnokii from
01.2000 or 01.2001). As I said gnokii is very known, it's simbol. If
prefer such methods of work, at least will be so nice and inform users
about alternatives. OK ?

If you think, this email is next flame and I'm destroy community, ban me
to gnokii list. OK ?

Going outside "flames": IMHO, from logic point of view it will be better
for "community" to spend 100 hours and rewriting source and making many
things better than fixing old source and things not projected for it.
This is what I write about. When will fix old source, will have make fix
for fix. With everything new will have everything, what is required. I
don't want flame here or advertise, but this is fact: current CVS gnokii
has only AT, Dancall (so, also AT), 6110, 7110, 6510 module. I can give
6110, 7110, 6510, 9110 and in the near future AT. It has many things,
which are marked "for the future" (0.5.0 or something). It's smaller and
works fine on more OS.

If there will be somewhere wise man, who will be able to join us, all
0.5.0 things will be done now in project caller supergnokii ;-))))).
That's all. If everyone will be or lazy (such words I read somewhere in
past from 2 gnokii developers - they're lazy and don't want change
anything) or not wise, current work of gnokii guys will be connected
with fixing old source. If you think, this is NOT truth and I flame,
please let me know and ban me to gnokii list. OK ?

So, two conclusions from this email:

1.if everyone in gnokii team like current situation, please at least
inform gnokii users (I remind: on, which is simbol of free
GSM software) about alternatives.

2.there could be made joining. But there must be more than 1 man, who
will want this (so not only me). I asked each developer for half of hour
and checking few things. If it will be done and will be find good
solution for everyone, I won't be aggressive (for now I don't see any
other way and I want inform at least newbie about possibilities of
choosing gnokii related software).

And third: probably my main fault is, that I wasn't among people
starting it in 1998 (1999 ?). If I would be, things could go different

Pozdrowienia/Best Regards
Marcin Wiacek (mailto:address@hidden,,

mygnokii mirrors (,,

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