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Re: AT sendmsg failing with error = 4

From: Marcin Wiacek
Subject: Re: AT sendmsg failing with error = 4
Date: Thu, 30 May 2002 22:00:31 +0200

Hi gnokii developers,

I want summary this "thread" and propose (IMHO) good and truth text for
gnokii webpage:

"Dear Gnokii users !

>From today to always:

1.we ignore all criticism on maling list, because we want relax

2.we ignore all showed us bugs and everything what we can give you, is
"try new version" version will be released in 2010 or later

4.we ignore all big patches and suggestions made from good hearth

5.all (big) patches not written by us are PROHIBITED - we know the best,
what is the best for project and what extensions can be used by users.
All other are PROHIBITED

6.we don't discuss with people, who have some knowledge about Nokia
phones and want give it for free. It's PROHIBITED.'s not important for to use some ready parts of source. We prefer
rewriting it according to our needs. All suggestions from authors of
this source ARE PROHIBITED. All bugs made during it are PREFFERED and
will allow us to spend more time on coding.

8.we don't want to make the best project. We prefer rewriting old

9.all rewrites are made in CVS source and tested on users (according to
lessons from uncle Bill G.)

10.we ignore all emails sent privately (about Nokia topics).

11.our project manager is the best. If not see point 11.'s prohibited to use old phones by gnokii users. First were cut NMT
640, now 2110 and 3110. isn't important for us, who gave in fact fixes and changes in many
parts. Our manager forgotten us speaking about it ;-))))

15.we are happy family and the most important for us is relax.

Nice, isn't it ? If I forgot about something, please let me know. If I
said SOMETHING wrong, please show me proof, that it's WRONG OR FLAME
(then I will say sorry). Because in fact I see only "flames, flames" and
nothing more. No facts.

Pozdrowienia/Best Regards
Marcin Wiacek (mailto:address@hidden,,

mygnokii mirrors (,,

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