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Re: AT sendmsg failing with error = 4

From: Markus Plail
Subject: Re: AT sendmsg failing with error = 4
Date: Thu, 30 May 2002 14:54:22 +0200
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Hi Marcin!

* Marcin Wiacek writes:
>> But you loose time for sending emails that give nothing to anyone. You
>> don't want to help gnokii project then. There's no place for you here.

> My help: patches dropped two years ago, 

patches dropped because you wre not able to provide them in a way any
project manager would have accepted them....

> working mygnokii with many ideas and features, mygnokii2 written from
> stratch (with many things done better than in gnokii) during 2 months.

We are happy with that help and if there are good things (in OUR
opinion, not YOURS) then they will be ported.

> Yes, there is no place for me here, but I WILL track it from time to
> time and answer on SOME posts. If hate this, write: list is moderated
> and there are only published things comfortable for developers. And
> moderate it.

There is no one against you answering mails in a constructive way, but
against you flaming, and that's what you do!

>> It's not your business, as you are not interested in gnokii. Go away
>> to your own list.
> No. Gnokii is first free project for GSM. It's not your private place,
> where you can do everything. Gnokii is too known.

He may not do things as YOU like them, but as the developers and
obviously most users like them.

> Or ignore me (but it will be wrong, because you will drop many
> interesting and interesting for gnokii too things)

Most of the time you are already being ignored and for good reasons.

> or resign from beeing gnokii main manager (IMHO, during two years many
> things were not resolved and it shows something; old phones are dropped
> from CVS and it shows something; with your govern there are NOT even
> mygnokii additions GOOD moved)

Erm.. didn't we have that discussion lately? YES we had. And what was
the result? Pawel has support from all of us. Accept it!

> or allow other people, who HAVE something to say and do, make their
> work.

He already does, he just does not allow you. And there's also good
reason for it. You can't make compromise. You want to make gnokii
yourgnokii and not to improve gnokii. That's the reason. Accept it!

> With the second you will show, that have honour (like Pavel Janik) and
> will show, that sometimes can say: I can't do some things the best
> (IMHO, it was tried to be done during two years and it didn't end with
> success).

As you mention Pavel Janik. He also couldn't work with you. So there are
already two maintainers, you were not able to cooperate with. Would make
me wonder.


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