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Re: send as email

From: Robert Steinhäußer
Subject: Re: send as email
Date: Thu, 18 Apr 2002 14:07:34 +0200 (CEST)

> Some of the new Nokia phones (i have seen this in 3310) have the setting
> called "Send message as text/Email/Fax .."

Had it in my 7110, have it now in my 6250. Haven't used it, though.

> If u select "Email"., then
> when sending a Short message, the phone will ask for the destination
> email address and then for a number. [...]
> I have not seen this actually happening as my SMSC does not
> have the SMS-to-Email gateway. So correct me if I am wrong.

If activated, with Germany's T-Mobile T-D1 (262-01) you just have to enter
 the e-mail address at the beginning of the SMS and send to number 8000
(same price as a normal SMS).

> If I am right, then a similar SMS-to-FAX gateway at the SMSC can be used
> to sdeliver Short message as a Fax !!!!

Also possible with T-D1, send your SMS to <template><faxnumber>, where
template is one of "99", "98", "97", "95". Costs as much as 4 SMS. Fax to
a mobile phone costs as much as 6 SMS.

So it works without changing the data type.

73, Robert
Robert Steinhäußer, DL1NC / N9KBK --

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