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Re: send as email

From: Kompella Purnima
Subject: Re: send as email
Date: Thu, 18 Apr 2002 07:35:59 +0100 (BST)


Some of the new Nokia phones (i have seen this in 3310) have the setting called "Send message as text/Email/Fax .."

If u select "Email"., then when sending a Short message, the phone will ask for the destination email address and then for a number. This number should be the SMS-to-Email gateway number (that connects as an External SME to the SMSC).

When u send this message, the  Protocol Identifier (PID) in the message is set by the pghone to the one appropriate for "Send SMS as Email". On checking this PID, SMSC forwardsthe message to the SMS-to-Email gateway. The Gateway then sends the t message as an Email to the spcified Destination mail ID.

This is what I understand vfrom the GSM specs. I have not seen this actually happening as my SMSC does not have the SMS-to-Email gateway.

So correct me if I am wrong.

If I am right, then a similar SMS-to-FAX gateway at the SMSC can be used to sdeliver Short message as a Fax !!!!

Thank you.


  Pawel Kot <pawel.ko

address@hidden> wrote:


>>> address@hidden 15 April 2002 13:25:36 >>>
> I was wondering what is the difference between ordinary sms and "email"
> sms - for instance on nokia 6210 you can select a email in adressbook
> and than select send email, and it will ask you for a number where you
> can send it to... and it does not allow sendinf it to ordinary mobile
> phone as it seems, but just special numbers. Can anyone explain this to
> me please?

I belive it is the add-on from your operator. I don't have such functionality in
my 6210 (or I can't find it).


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