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Re: send as email

From: Martin List-Petersen
Subject: Re: send as email
Date: 18 Apr 2002 10:01:52 +0200

On Thu, 2002-04-18 at 08:35, Kompella Purnima wrote:
>  Hello
> Some of the new Nokia phones (i have seen this in 3310) have the setting 
> called "Send message as text/Email/Fax .."
> If u select "Email"., then when sending a Short message, the phone will ask 
> for the destination email address and then for a number. This number should 
> be the SMS-to-Email gateway number (that connects as an External SME to the 
> SMSC). 
> When u send this message, the  Protocol Identifier (PID) in the message is 
> set by the pghone to the one appropriate for "Send SMS as Email". On checking 
> this PID, SMSC forwardsthe message to the SMS-to-Email gateway. The Gateway 
> then sends the t message as an Email to the spcified Destination mail ID.
> This is what I understand vfrom the GSM specs. I have not seen this actually 
> happening as my SMSC does not have the SMS-to-Email gateway.
> So correct me if I am wrong.
> If I am right, then a similar SMS-to-FAX gateway at the SMSC can be used to 
> sdeliver Short message as a Fax !!!!
> Thank you.

Sending an eMail thru a SMS-to-eMail gateway can be done in two ways (at
least in Denmark): Either by choosing the type eMail and and supplying
eMail-address and phone-no for the SMS-to-eMail gateway or by prepending
a Text-type message with the eMail address, seperating from the rest of
the message with a space, and sending it to the SMS-to-eMail gateway

Martin List-Petersen

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