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Re: Patches #219 - #224

From: Feico de Boer
Subject: Re: Patches #219 - #224
Date: Mon, 8 Apr 2002 12:56:51 +0200

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 > From: "Pawel Kot" <address@hidden>
 > To: <address@hidden>
 > Cc: <address@hidden>
 > Sent: Monday, April 08, 2002 10:30 AM
 > Subject: Patches #219 - #224

 > #221:
 > Could you please look into win32 directory and make it compatible with

What exactly should I make compatible? Please give a hint with regard to
filenames or whatever.

 > #224:
 > +#    define dump while(0)
 > +#    define dprintf while(0)
 > Are you sure that syntax is correct?

According to me and a co-worker that used to be in compiler design, yes it

What happens:
    dprintf( "some format string: %s %d\n", s, n );
gets translated to:

Which is in essence an zero iteration loop of an empty statement. Your
compiler must be pretty dump if it generates any code for this. Alternatives
are replacing by nothing, semi-colon becomes empty statement or curly-braces
({}) that become an empty basic block.



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