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Re: Patches #219 - #224

From: Pawel Kot
Subject: Re: Patches #219 - #224
Date: Mon, 08 Apr 2002 15:39:55 +0200

Hi Feico,

>>> "Feico de Boer" <address@hidden> 8 April 2002 13:53:39 >>>
> There a few remarks that I want to make.
> 1) gnokii.ds[p|w] in win32 directory
> I don't like this version that is available here since it puts all the
> sources into one project and does not distinguish between the application
> code and the library code. My projects do and later I want to add DLL
> support to these same files. Apart from this, the projects don't work
> because they use absolute paths instead of relative paths.
> 2) location of the dsp/dsw files
> I would rather see at least the 'workspace' file in the root for visibility.
> You can argue about the project files, maybe they should be in the
> application directory. I don't like the win32 directory for this because of
> the 'visibility' I pointed out in another mail. See the workspace and
> project files as makefiles for Visual Studio, as such I think they should be
> in comparable locations.
> 3) config1 in win32 directory
> The file naming is absolutely incorrect IMHO, it works in combination with
> fcopy.bat and is then renamed to config.h. My goal is to avoid all the
> copying and allow for Visual Studio compilation in the actual source tree.
> The supplied config1 is also to incomplete for what I try to achieve. The
> basic idea is that you use autoconf/configure to generate config.h.
> Platforms without these utilities should either provide simular tools, port
> these tools or have a manual config option. I'm opting for the latest, again
> for visibility I would rather see it in the include directory, at the same
> spot as the master
> 4) the .bat files
> I don't know why anyone would use these anyway, especially not in this form.
> If the project is setup correctly you can live without them.

Fair enough. Your arguments are sane for me and my knowledge of windows
development tools is too poor to come in any discussion with you on this issue.
Maybe someone else has something to say here?

If there are no objections I'd like you to prepare one patch that fixes all 
related to Visual Something things. I don't want to have two copies of these
strange files in different locations.


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