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Re: can gnokii do this?

From: leos
Subject: Re: can gnokii do this?
Date: Mon, 8 Apr 2002 00:17:05 +0300

> > Is the following possible with gnokii?
> > I have two nokia phones, one would constantly be connected to server,
> > the other mobile. I would like to send an sms from the mobile to the one
> > on the server, to recieve status reports, or even issue some commands if
> > neccessary. (the gsm on the server is nokia 5110 and the mobile one is
> > nokia 6210). Can that be done without modifying gnokii source? Or would
> > I have to write my own program?

I believe you can. If you program some kind of "protocol" on a macro level it
should be no problem.

I mean something like that (let gnokii working with Nokia connected to the 
server be G and the mobile Nokia be M):
    (1)  G is waiting for getting a message from M.
    (2)  M sends a message to G.
    (3)  G reads the message from M (and a server action requested is done)
    (4)  G sends a message to M to inform about a result of action requested.
    (5)  goto (1).
If needed you could include some acknowledgements (depending on reliability
required) and authentication (depending on a security level needed).

You can realize the steps of (1), (2), ..., (5) in a simple program that runs 
gnokii with appropriate parameters, sending it the data and reading the data 
from it.

I believe that no modifications of gnokii are needed. ;))

Is it what you need? 


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