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Re: can gnokii do this?

From: Jon Farmer
Subject: Re: can gnokii do this?
Date: Sun, 7 Apr 2002 18:29:49 +0100

> Is the following possible with gnokii?
> I have two nokia phones, one would constantly be connected to server,
> the other mobile. I would like to send an sms from the mobile to the one
> on the server, to recieve status reports, or even issue some commands if
> neccessary. (the gsm on the server is nokia 5110 and the mobile one is
> nokia 6210). Can that be done without modifying gnokii source? Or would
> I have to write my own program?
> Is there some simple scripting language that would support gnokii? I
> read that there is a GSM perl module written for it, would that suite my
> need better?

I use a PHP binary to script with. I can read in the incoming SMS using
gnokii , use PHP to process the content of the SMS and then call gnokii to
send back the reply.

Fairly easy if you are used to call command line programs from your scripts
and parsing the results.



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