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Re: [Gnash] configure problem: QT-dev not found.

From: Rob Savoye
Subject: Re: [Gnash] configure problem: QT-dev not found.
Date: Sun, 04 Mar 2007 09:32:08 -0700
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Niklaus Giger wrote:

I have no in-depth knowledge of any graphic library. But I think I could
help in areas like automated regression testing (e.g. I am running a
buildbot on for the Xenomai real time
framework for the Linux kernel, see I also have a
few Mac Powerbook/PowerMac machines standing around.

We're actually working right now on getting an automated build and testing bot going. We do put alot of time into test cases for Gnash, which is important to develop quality software.

As a first step I checkout the CVS repository, ran ./ which
completed after spitting a few lines which I did not understand.

You can ignore most of these warnings, they come from Autotools itself, and aren't important. Basically many of the functions defined need a [] around the name now for cleanliness sake.

        KDE libs are: -lkdeui -lkdecore -lkdeprint
        ERROR: No QT development package installed!
               Reconfigure with --disable-klash to continue
               and/or change to a different gui

Hum.. Where are your QT libraries installed ? Do you have QTDIR set in your environment ? If you don't need the Konqueror plugin, you can use --disable-klash to eliminate this package being used.

ERROR: No BOOST development package installed! You need to have the BOOST
development package installed to compile, or install libboost-thread-dev
and libboost-date-time-dev (using apt-get) or boost-devel (using yum).

Depending on the version of Boost (1.31 va 1.33) these became separate packages. I'd dig through to make sure you have all the Boost packages installed. (or use apt-file) Boost you must have, as we use it for all the lower level threading and mutex code.

I am running GNU/Debian testing on a MacMini Intel. And I have the following
QT-dev packages installed:
ii  libavahi-qt3-dev 0.6.16-2       Development headers for the Avahi Qt3
integration library
ii  libqt3-mt-dev    3.3.7-3        Qt development files (Threaded)
ii  libqt4-dev       4.2.1-2+b1     Qt 4 development files
ii  qt3-dev-tools    3.3.7-3        Qt3 development tools
ii  qt4-dev-tools    4.2.1-2+b1     Qt 4 development tools
What is wrong with my setup? Or is this a configure error?

Potentially a bit of both... You can track down what is going wrong by making configure spit out debugging info. Set CONFIG_SHELL to "sh -x" in your environment, and then run "sh -x configure [other opts]" to get the huge amount of debug output. Then just search through this to sew where it finds and sets the QT paths.

        - rob -

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