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Re: [Glug-nith-discuss] Installing Debian from Windows

From: vivek shah
Subject: Re: [Glug-nith-discuss] Installing Debian from Windows
Date: Sat, 3 Mar 2007 22:43:02 +0530

         Once again let me reiterate I did not say install.exe is useless. Its a boon for Windows users who want to shift to GNU/Linux with a lot of Mozilla and Thunderbird settings imported and partioning done too so no data loss. What I meant was the test cases and reasons behind them didnt sound too convincing to me. I had my doubts which I voiced. I agree install.exe is the easier option for all of them but it is not exhaustive. I am not saying that install.exe is useless and worthless what I am saying is it is not necessarily the only option for test cases but easier option though.


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