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Re: [Glug-nith-discuss] Installing Debian from Windows

From: Rakesh Pandit
Subject: Re: [Glug-nith-discuss] Installing Debian from Windows
Date: Sat, 3 Mar 2007 20:46:54 +0530


> Interesting. But dont you think anyone wanting to seriously install
> debian will probably already know his/her way around a standard debian
> installer? ;)

Ya but atleast there are many people who like only "OK" and "Cacel"
buttons with defaults on(Atleast people in Offices, clerks and many
clients or newbies to computers). This surely provides a way for them
to change. I think this is cool thing and could work as a second step.
First step being telling people to use more and more free Software
even on proprietary OS.
Slowly these people look yar these free software people have done a gd
job and it is more of ethics to use free software. Installer is under
GNU GPL so nothing to worry, another exe which provides a way into
free binary executables with /usr/src/<files> with you.

Exactly why would anyone want to run the installer from Windows itself when
if you want to install you will have to download the installer and then run
it unless you really want kicks for kicking Windows from within it.. I checked

Have you thought about those people who are there in post office
making you help poting ur speed post, people in banks, people out
there in shops calculating bills. There are many more if we go on
counting. This is for them. They have been traped by proprietary OS
gost long ago.
out the link and over there if you want to install you can run install.exe
using WINE too and so even if you are running Fedora and have Wine installed

I am not getting from where running with WINE came.
you can switch to Debian but the point remains why not the proper installer??
I looked for it and this the answer I guess check this link

Use case, first look at them and you will come to know.

After going through it it made me wonder what happened to Ubuntu's plan to
ship free cds to faze out Windows??? Are the ships costlier or what? Look
at the reasons listed in this link but doesnt sound convincing.

Boy think before you write.

Linux, the choice of a GNU generation  -o)
Kernel 2.6.19  on a i686                       /\

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