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Re: [Glug-nith-discuss] Installing Debian from Windows

From: vivek shah
Subject: Re: [Glug-nith-discuss] Installing Debian from Windows
Date: Sat, 3 Mar 2007 22:38:02 +0530

On 3/3/07, Rakesh Pandit <address@hidden> wrote:
>Ya but atleast there are many people who like only "OK" and "Cacel"
>buttons with defaults on(Atleast people in Offices, clerks and many
>clients or newbies to computers). This surely provides a way for them
>to change.

    Yes but that Ok and Cancel will work only for the install but what about using
    the distro later on. It will have no Ok or Cancel. If you mean ease of install then it
    works out fine but logic of Ok and Cancel does not.     

>I think this is cool thing and could work as a second step.
>First step being telling people to use more and more free Software

    Yes I exactly agree.
    >Slowly these people look yar these free software people have done a gd
>job and it is more of ethics to use free software. Installer is under
>GNU GPL so nothing to worry, another exe which provides a way into
>free binary executables with /usr/src/<files> with you.

    Exactly but I never  said that the installer should not be there and its useless.

>Have you thought about those people who are there in post office
>making you help poting ur speed post, people in banks, people out
>there in shops calculating bills. There are many more if we go on
>counting. This is for them. They have been traped by proprietary OS
>gost long ago.

    I know but how does install.exe fit out here. If you mean that these people do not 
    know to install a GNU/Linux distro then let me remind you in most of these
    organisations they a person using a computer does not install it on his system
    himself there are SysAdmins for the job and if a SysAdmin only knows how to
    install Windows its goodbye time for him.
    See I am not saying that install.exe is useless what I meant in my earlier mail was
    install.exe is not the only option for people in the test cases.
    Here in the example you gave you have diverged from the topic of install.exe and
    how it fits in.

>Use case, first look at them and you will come to know.

    I did look at the test cases and that is why I have doubts.

>Boy think before you write.

   I had mentioned ShipIt in a lighter tone. Please get the humour.

Put a rogue in the limelight and he will act like an honest man.
                -- Napoleon Bonaparte, "Maxims"
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