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Re: [Ghm-discuss] Planning the next GNU Hackers Meeting

From: Henrik Sandklef
Subject: Re: [Ghm-discuss] Planning the next GNU Hackers Meeting
Date: Sat, 17 Dec 2011 18:54:47 +0100
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"07/28/2011 01:47 PM" Werner offered to host ghm 2012 in Essen.

"... I know a venue for next years GHM: The Linuxhotel
[1], Essen, Germany."


On 12/17/2011 01:01 AM, Paolo Bonzini wrote:
> The amount of activity going on in gnu-prog-discuss at the moment is
> unprecedented and to some extent overwhelming.
> I don't think it is reasonable to continue discussing by email.  We
> need a concrete occasion to wrap everything up that has been proposed
> so far.
> Hence, I am proposing to start organizing the next GNU Hackers Meeting
> *now*.  Here are the obligatory "five Ws":
> 0) Why?  I already answered that above. :)
> 1) Who?  Whoever wants to participate, of course.  However, it would
> be great to find experts on the various subjects that will be touched
> even outside the "core" people that are most active in
> gnu-prog-discuss and in GHM.
> 2) What?  The main topic would be the GNU Coding Standards and how we
> can improve them for the next generation of GNU maintainers.  I
> identified the following macro-areas.  I purposedly included in
> parentheses some sub-topics that were not touched on gnu-prog-discuss;
> either they have become common practice in GNOME, or they were covered
> in the past by the FSF or other associations.
> * C language and portability (C99, glib, gnulib, ...)
> * other programming languages (C++, Scheme, Python, Perl, Vala, ...)
> * interoperability (Guile, D-Bus, GObject introspection, ...)
> * security recommendations (networking and in general)
> * networking (frameworks, software as a service, data liberation, ...)
> * mobile applications
> 3) How?  Lots of discussion.  As few slides as possible, except as
> introductory material.  Lots of A1-size paper sheets and felt-tip
> pens.
> The general format I had in mind involved establishing workgroups
> either before or at the beginning of the meeting.  Each workgroup
> would roughly cover one or two of the above macro-areas.  Each person
> can only be in one workgroup, though of course there will be a lot of
> time for asking questions and talking to members of other workgroups.
> I participated and co-organized similar events in the past---nothing
> related to computing, but with a similar number of participants or
> higher (up to 1000).
> The outcome would be, of course, patches. :)  The patches might be
> worked out during the meeting or after.  The changes will be presented
> by the workgroups and voted.  Once the patches are ready, rms will
> have veto powers, but I hope that the changes will be mostly of
> technical nature and uncontroversial.
> 4) When?  There are a lot of things to do before the meeting.  We
> should at least:
> * define the workgroups more precisely;
> * find 1 facilitator per workgroup that will head the group;
> * find speakers that can give inspiring talks and perhaps attend (even
> as guests!) the rest of the meeting;
> * organize the travelling and the logistics.
> I would say mid-April would be doable.
> 5) Where?  Europe.  If I am to participate in the logistics, that
> would have to be either Milan, Italy or Brno, Czech Republic.  Both
> cities have very good connections with cheap flights to all over
> Europe (Brno is close-ish to Vienna, Bratislava and Prague). However,
> I am not very good at that job.  Other people have already done it
> very well and are recipients of this message. :)
> ---
> Ok guys, flame away. :)
> Paolo

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