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Re: [gcmd-usr] Search in current folder after location set manually

From: Uwe Scholz
Subject: Re: [gcmd-usr] Search in current folder after location set manually
Date: Fri, 12 Aug 2016 22:55:38 +0200
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Hi Miroslav,

Miroslav Matějů <address@hidden> schrieb am [Mi, 10.08.2016 08:41]:
> - In any folder hit F9.
> - Set a different folder as search location.
> - Close the search window (does not matter if a search was performed).
> - Optionally: Navigate to a different folder in the main window.
> - Hit F9 to open search window again.
> Expected result:
> - The current folder should be selected as search location.
> Actual result:
> - The previously set folder is still chosen.

Thank you, I could reproduce this behaviour now. And after some some
time I also found the reason for this and I would not directly consider
it as a bug. Here is why:

Gcmd is currently designed in a way that it does not destroy the search
dialog in the background when you click on "Close". Instead, it reserves
its data in the memory and reuses it again when another search is done.

This is why the search folder is not updated to the current active
directory when you open it again (better: when you show it and bring it
in the foreground) and this is also why only one search dialog can be
opened at the same time.

Uncommenting the if-condition in the edit_search() function in
gnome-cmd-user-actions.cc results in the preferred behaviour. But this
also leads to a new allocation of memory for new search-windows and, as
far as I could see by now, there is currently no proper way implemented
which frees the memory of the closed search window.

A side action of uncommenting the line mentioned above is that one can
open more than one search windows at the same time - which is better
than now, yea! :)

But to be sure that the memory is freed correctly after closing the
search window will take some time for me. Hope you can currently live
with that situation, I will have a look at this feature later on.


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