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Re: [gcmd-usr] Search in current folder after location set manually

From: Miroslav Matějů
Subject: Re: [gcmd-usr] Search in current folder after location set manually
Date: Thu, 11 Aug 2016 12:40:14 +0200

Hi Michael,

2016-08-10 15:26 GMT+02:00 Michael <address@hidden>:
> > Expected result:
> > - The current folder should be selected as search location.
> I'm not sure about this ... the search widget seems to be meant like a rather 
> independent tool (like e.g. a mount-manager oder an advanced  rename tool). 
> Or think of it as a Ctrl-O subshell of midnight commander. Any subshell cd 
> would not change the pwd of mc.

The expected result I mentioned is what I am used to from using Total
Commander on Windows. In Midnight Commander, I have set . as search
location for most time. By the way, subshell cd does change the pwd of
the current tab in MC.

> So, why should F9 modify the base folder in the first place ? If this were 
> implemented, wouldn't it cuase confusion to some other suers who in turn will 
> complain that gcmd F9 modifies the base path instead of leaving it alone ... ?

Well, mainly because it is the way GCmd does behave from the launch –
until you manually change the search folder for the first time. After
that, there seems to be no way to reset the default behavior except
restarting GCmd. I can imagine several possibilities to allow
resetting the search location in the search window:
1. There could be a button “Set to current folder” in the window.
2. The current folder could be listed in the drop down menu.
3. It could accept . like MC.
4. The location could be automatically set to current folder when the
window is opened while it would contain a button to access the history
of last used locations – this is the way how search in Total Commander

Best regards,

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