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[gcmd-dev] [NEW] The fun is in the search, not the finding...

From: Piotr Eljasiak
Subject: [gcmd-dev] [NEW] The fun is in the search, not the finding...
Date: Mon, 16 May 2011 22:02:14 +0200

Hi folks,

I've just completed works on file search dlg. Initially triggered as a
fix for nasty crashes when searching for files, it has finally resulted
in quite a renovation of the dialog window:

     1. file location: GtkFileChooserButton has replaced obsoleted
        GnomeFileEntry widget
     2. dir history has been removed - as for GtkFileChooserButton
        doesn't not support it
     3. shell syntax matching doesn't need '*' at the beginning/end of
        pattern any more (instead of previous: `*.cc' simply use: `cc') 
     4. shell/regex matching buttons has been moved to combo box (close
        to pattern entry)
     5. the above shell/regex settings are stored across sessions now
     6. an option for shell/regex matching is removed from options dlg
     7. recursive searching can be limited to a specified level
     8. gcmd uses now findutils backend for local searches, apart from
        fixing the crashes - there is a very big speedup here (use -d=g
        flag to verify what's being passed to 'find' utility)



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