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Re: [Gap-dev-discuss] Reminder: FOSDEM 2012 – cal l for devroom talks

From: Sebastian Reitenbach
Subject: Re: [Gap-dev-discuss] Reminder: FOSDEM 2012 – cal l for devroom talks
Date: Tue, 10 Jan 2012 10:05:20 +0100
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On Friday, January 6, 2012 15:29 CET, "Sebastian Reitenbach" <address@hidden> 
>  Hi,
> On Friday, January 6, 2012 14:48 CET, Riccardo Mottola <address@hidden> 
> wrote: 
> > Hi Sebastian,
> > 
> > On 01/05/12 15:13, Sebastian Reitenbach wrote:
> > >
> > > I could talk about stuff happened on GAP last year. Especially the 
> > > new/updated applications where I was involved, i.e.  Batmon, AClock, 
> > > Sudoku, GMines, LapisPuzzle, Jigsaw, GMastermind, Neos Theme. Did I 
> > > missed anything?
> > Well, it would be nice talking about those, to show that there was 
> > progress in the last year. It doesn't need to be a long talk, just 
> > presenting them, showing that they exist (and of course that they are 
> > packaged for OpenBSD!) shows that there is interest.
> > I Consider of course BatMon a bit more important since it is in the 
> > system tool catecory and not just a game.
> > 
> > 
> > > Do you maybe plan on having anything released before FOSDEM?
> > It depends if we release GUI before or not. PRICE and DataBasin are 
> > close to a release...
> OK, I already guessed it might depend on it. So I hope too ;)
> > 
> > It would be good to present the more professional stuff.
> > 
> > Graphos made big strides!
> > GSPdf got revived and works well (and together with Graphos shows our 
> > print-preview working, totally with native apps)
> > LaternaMagica
> > PRICE status and development (even if not strictly GAP)
> > 
> > perhaps Grr? and DataBasin?
> > 
> > We can also just present maintained application, not just "new" 
> > features. Most people will not know much about GNUstep and even less 
> > about GAP.
> > 
> > Perhaps we should treat this on the GAP mailing list so Greg and others 
> > can join in and it remains archived. One thread for each app.
> Before starting a new thread on each app, let me summarize here:

I don't create a new thread for each app, I think it would be too overwhelming, 
and more confusing than just this single thread.

> I can present nearly anything that is on GAP, since most of it is in the 
> OpenBSD ports tree, but not maybe showing all features, since not yet 
> released.
> I could also install everything gnustep core from SVN, and GAP CVS, to show 
> latest features.
> I guess the second approach would be even better, but I should start soon 
> installing and testing, I don't want to show a lot of crashers, and other 
> strange bugs ;)

My plan was the following:

Instead of creating slides, I''ll create a html page, and from there, link and 
go to the homepages of the applications I'll want to present. I'll mirror all 
the web pages locally on my notebook, just to be prepared of a network outage ;)

To help me with the presentation, please review the homepages of the 
applications on GAP and for PRICE, and also on the{at least GWorkspace/ProjectCenter/Gorm/ and maybe 
more}. Please check those pages, and make sure, all the gory features of the 
applications are listed there.

For the Agenda of the presentation I think about the following:

- Present/promote GNUstep as a powerful framework to create applications
   * something like the mission: (if this could also be reviewed 
and updated if necessary, would be good too)
- Present GAP and its goals
   * (should potentially also 
be reviewed)
- Present some applications, I wanted to group them like:
 * General desktop applications
   - GWorkspace, SystemPreferences, Burn, Affiche, FTP, GSPdf, Zipper,
 * Development applications
   - ProjectCenter, Gorm, DBModeler, Gemas
 * PIM Applications
   - GNUMail, Addresses, Grr, SimpleAgenda, DataBasin here right, or some other 
 * Dock Applications
   - TimeMon, BatMon, AClock
 * Games
   - GShisen, Sudoku, GMines, LapsiPuzzle, Jigsaw, GMastermind, Gomoku, ...
 * Graphics Applications
   - PRICE, Cenon, ImageViewer, 
 * Audio Applications
   - VolumeMixer, CDPlayer, MPDCon

With regard to Bean, and Flexisheet: Bean doesn't even seem to have a 
GNUmakefile, so that I'm not able to compile and test it at all, so I'd 
probably leave that out of the presentation. FlexiSheet compiles, and also 
runs, but I was not able to do something useful with it? For me in its actual 
state, it doesn't look useful at all, or maybe I'm missing something?

What else, suggestions?

Also I take suggestions, which of them should be presented?

I already started the HTML file, and I'll hope to have something showable by 
the end of the week, so you can comment on it.


> So I could concentrate on: 
>  * BatMon (unfortunately my Libretto is too unstable for a presentation, and 
> my other notebook doesn't have a recent enough BIOS, so ACPI is not enabled, 
> and BatMon only shows a few numbers, not all it could show)
>  * PRICE
>  * Graphos
>  * GSPdf
>  * DataBasin
>  * LaternaMagica
>  * Grr/RSSKit
>  * AClock and TimeMon
>  * Mention the Games available there
>  I don't know anything about the state of FlexiSheet and Bean, is it showable?
> I'll start a new thread on each, If someone thinks I missed sth. important, 
> please start other threads for the missing applications.
> I could also speak about other applications which are interesting, and I have 
> in the OpenBSD ports tree:
> * GWorkspace
> * CDPlayer
> * Burn (not yet in the ports tree, but works fine on OpenBSD, its also 
> waiting for a new gnustep core release)
> * FisicaLab
> * AddressManager
> * SimpleAgenda
> * Affiche
> * SystemPreferences
> * Zipper
> Having a short slide for each application, talking about it for a minute or 
> two, And I already spend half an hour. Afterwards, I can demonstrate some of 
> the applications, and I'd fill a full slot with this presentation.
> > 
> > > While presenting GAP at the FOSDEM, what would you think about trying to 
> > > encourage people to contact GAP, to have their applications hosted there? 
> > > Smth. like a GNUstep App shop, often discussed on the m/l, but never 
> > > really smth. happend. We just need to sell it to the people, advantages 
> > > would be:
> > >   * better public visibility than when all apps are spreaded around the 
> > > web
> > >   * get a "nice" looking webpage for the app on GAP
> > >   * hosted in CVS, many developer have access to it, and could easily 
> > > help fixing bugs found in it
> > >   * if the main developer steps out of the project, others can easily 
> > > take over
> > >   * since GAP is, the license restrictions to accept a GAP 
> > > project/app are much easier to handle
> > >   * give example about the applications from Marko Riedele, and AClock...
> > >
> > > What do you think about that? Maybe it could be better discussed on 
> > > gap-dev m/l.
> > I don't think it is generally a good idea to encourage it that way. GAP 
> > is not a kitchen sink. Sure, if somebody has an App that seeks a place fine.
> > But currently GAP needs help.. people like you. We already have some 
> > applications which linger there (think about the promising FlexiSheet 
> > and Beam fork).
> > Greg's daily work and his duties as project leader leave very little 
> > time for GAP. Most stuff comes from me and you lately and some kind 
> > fixes by Wolfgang and Fred.
> OK, then I'll maybe only more generally ask for help with the Project, and 
> offer a place for Apps which don't have a home (yet).
> > 
> > Add to that that in theory GAP shout migrate to be a full GNU project. 
> > Stallman asked for that and there are no problems and we agreed, but the 
> > migration is stuck since the past 2 years or so :)
> Ah, OK, I wasn't aware of that one. 
> Cheers,
> Sebastian

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