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Re: [Gap-dev-discuss] Reminder: FOSDEM 2012 – cal l for devroom talks

From: Sebastian Reitenbach
Subject: Re: [Gap-dev-discuss] Reminder: FOSDEM 2012 – cal l for devroom talks
Date: Fri, 06 Jan 2012 15:29:53 +0100
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On Friday, January 6, 2012 14:48 CET, Riccardo Mottola <address@hidden> wrote: 
> Hi Sebastian,
> On 01/05/12 15:13, Sebastian Reitenbach wrote:
> >
> > I could talk about stuff happened on GAP last year. Especially the 
> > new/updated applications where I was involved, i.e.  Batmon, AClock, 
> > Sudoku, GMines, LapisPuzzle, Jigsaw, GMastermind, Neos Theme. Did I missed 
> > anything?
> Well, it would be nice talking about those, to show that there was 
> progress in the last year. It doesn't need to be a long talk, just 
> presenting them, showing that they exist (and of course that they are 
> packaged for OpenBSD!) shows that there is interest.
> I Consider of course BatMon a bit more important since it is in the 
> system tool catecory and not just a game.

> > Do you maybe plan on having anything released before FOSDEM?
> It depends if we release GUI before or not. PRICE and DataBasin are 
> close to a release...

OK, I already guessed it might depend on it. So I hope too ;)

> It would be good to present the more professional stuff.
> Graphos made big strides!
> GSPdf got revived and works well (and together with Graphos shows our 
> print-preview working, totally with native apps)
> LaternaMagica
> PRICE status and development (even if not strictly GAP)
> perhaps Grr? and DataBasin?
> We can also just present maintained application, not just "new" 
> features. Most people will not know much about GNUstep and even less 
> about GAP.
> Perhaps we should treat this on the GAP mailing list so Greg and others 
> can join in and it remains archived. One thread for each app.

Before starting a new thread on each app, let me summarize here:

I can present nearly anything that is on GAP, since most of it is in the 
OpenBSD ports tree, but not maybe showing all features, since not yet released.
I could also install everything gnustep core from SVN, and GAP CVS, to show 
latest features.
I guess the second approach would be even better, but I should start soon 
installing and testing, I don't want to show a lot of crashers, and other 
strange bugs ;)

So I could concentrate on: 
 * BatMon (unfortunately my Libretto is too unstable for a presentation, and my 
other notebook doesn't have a recent enough BIOS, so ACPI is not enabled, and 
BatMon only shows a few numbers, not all it could show)
 * Graphos
 * GSPdf
 * DataBasin
 * LaternaMagica
 * Grr/RSSKit
 * AClock and TimeMon
 * Mention the Games available there

 I don't know anything about the state of FlexiSheet and Bean, is it showable?

I'll start a new thread on each, If someone thinks I missed sth. important, 
please start other threads for the missing applications.

I could also speak about other applications which are interesting, and I have 
in the OpenBSD ports tree:
* GWorkspace
* CDPlayer
* Burn (not yet in the ports tree, but works fine on OpenBSD, its also waiting 
for a new gnustep core release)
* FisicaLab
* AddressManager
* SimpleAgenda
* Affiche
* SystemPreferences
* Zipper

Having a short slide for each application, talking about it for a minute or 
two, And I already spend half an hour. Afterwards, I can demonstrate some of 
the applications, and I'd fill a full slot with this presentation.

> > While presenting GAP at the FOSDEM, what would you think about trying to 
> > encourage people to contact GAP, to have their applications hosted there? 
> > Smth. like a GNUstep App shop, often discussed on the m/l, but never really 
> > smth. happend. We just need to sell it to the people, advantages would be:
> >   * better public visibility than when all apps are spreaded around the web
> >   * get a "nice" looking webpage for the app on GAP
> >   * hosted in CVS, many developer have access to it, and could easily help 
> > fixing bugs found in it
> >   * if the main developer steps out of the project, others can easily take 
> > over
> >   * since GAP is, the license restrictions to accept a GAP 
> > project/app are much easier to handle
> >   * give example about the applications from Marko Riedele, and AClock...
> >
> > What do you think about that? Maybe it could be better discussed on gap-dev 
> > m/l.
> I don't think it is generally a good idea to encourage it that way. GAP 
> is not a kitchen sink. Sure, if somebody has an App that seeks a place fine.
> But currently GAP needs help.. people like you. We already have some 
> applications which linger there (think about the promising FlexiSheet 
> and Beam fork).
> Greg's daily work and his duties as project leader leave very little 
> time for GAP. Most stuff comes from me and you lately and some kind 
> fixes by Wolfgang and Fred.

OK, then I'll maybe only more generally ask for help with the Project, and 
offer a place for Apps which don't have a home (yet).

> Add to that that in theory GAP shout migrate to be a full GNU project. 
> Stallman asked for that and there are no problems and we agreed, but the 
> migration is stuck since the past 2 years or so :)

Ah, OK, I wasn't aware of that one. 


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