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Re: [Gap-dev-discuss] Reminder: FOSDEM 2012 – cal l for devroom talks

From: Sebastian Reitenbach
Subject: Re: [Gap-dev-discuss] Reminder: FOSDEM 2012 – cal l for devroom talks
Date: Thu, 19 Jan 2012 08:39:30 +0100
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On Monday, January 16, 2012 21:58 CET, Riccardo Mottola <address@hidden> wrote: 
> Hi,
> Sebastian Reitenbach wrote:
> >   Hi,
> >
> > I have the proposed list put up in a html page.
> >
> >
> > Fred also offered to help out with the presentation.
> That is cool. Perhaps he knows more about FlexiSheet which should be at 
> least roughly presented. Getting help to work on it, complete it and 
> complete its porting would be extremely cool.
> > Some of the links go to pages which don't have an extension, therefore the 
> > plain html is shown. This is because I mirrored and some 
> > of the pages just don't have an extension. But this works well when opening 
> > the files locally.
> Yes, I noticed that.
> >
> > It would be really great if we could get the vespucci issue resolved. 
> > Presenting GNUstep apps, I think it would be cool, to use
> > a GNUstep browser to do that ;)
> I can't reproduce it.

Yesterday I found on another notebook, with a slightly older SVN version of 
gnustep, that Vespucci works, showing me the images, so its a regression 
somewhere introduced. I'll now only need to find out which of those changes 
caused the problem.
So I make some progress here, slowly but at least some progress ;)

> > Further, the list of applications. Did I missed something important that 
> > should be mentioned?
> > I wanted to add Cenon to the Image applications too.
> > Fred was talking about adding CoreBreach to the Games. I only run OpenBSD, 
> > therefore cannot show it, but If Fred could take install it on his notebook 
> > and shortly show it, and talk a bit about it, what improvements in -base 
> > and -gui were done to get it to work, that would also be good.

So Fred, could you maybe present CoreBreach on your notebook?

> >
> > Do I have applications in the list that you think I could skip, not worth 
> > mentioning?
> perhaps yo ucan show that ome exist, but don't take the time to present 
> them really if you are tight. I am thinking of zipper, of the cd play 
> app, remote desk... affiche.

Yeah, RemoteDesk I cannot show, cause don' t have a Windows host where to 
connect to ;)
CD Player and Affiche, I'll mention, need to think about whether I will show 
With regard to Zipper, there will be an extra mail coming shortly.

> > So far, I updated all GAP pages, made sure, that they all have the same 
> > look n feel, and for some, I added some more infos.
> > If someone could review it, check whether there is important info missing, 
> > would be good if it could be updated.
> > I also started to update some pages in for apps I want 
> > want show.
> >
> > I also started approaching some developers of other applications not hosted 
> > at GAP. Asking them for their future plans of their applications. So hope 
> > to get some feedback to not only talk about the state of the art, but also 
> > give an outlook for the future.

I got some valuable feedback so far from Dirk Olmes (Zipper), Philippe Roussel 
(SimpleAgenda), Lucas Schnorr (Paje), Andreas Schik (Burn, CDPlayer). From 
others, I'm still waiting, or still need to approach them.

> >
> > Therefore, for GAP apps, and the general GNUstep apps, someone has 
> > plans/news that should be spreaded ;)
> >
> > For GAP: I think, after a new gnustep core release, there will be some 
> > updates coming, Riccardo has some stuff in the queue.
> > Further, probably NeXTGo should also get an update, since the actual 
> > release doesn't build with strict gnustep make 2.0.
> Remember me that I shall release :) ANd we can have a look at next go, I 
> thought CVS was fixed? I think to remember tinkering around it.
Yes, CVS is fixed, and builds with current gnustep releases, but doesn't seem 
to work. The CVS version only needs one little patch in a GNUMakefile to make 
it compile on OpenBSD. It links againt -lcrypto, but this doesn't exist on 
I know how to fix that, but did not had time to do so yet.

> > Further, PictureFrame has some flaws, i.e. the cluttered menu, and the 
> > weatherService doesn't work. Also Ladder doesn't work for me, it starts, 
> > but I never managed to start a game, it doesn't take my mouse input. I feel 
> > ignored ;)

Does PictureFreame or Ladder work for you?

> >
> > Another idea I got why playing with Vespucci:
> > Nearly all GNUstep applications don't have a working help. I question why? 
> > I guess creating rtf documents is not that easy? At least for me,
> > this is true. But creating html pages is easy, just fire up the preferred 
> > text editor, and start typing.
> the help viewer app... where did it go? what happened to it? I remember 
> it many years ago and looked quite next-ish. Perhaps it should be 
> cleaned up and get official into usr-apps in gnustep

Oh, I'm not aware of this help viewer app at all, sounds interesting.

> > When the image problem may be fixed, and there would be a 0.1 release of 
> > SWK, and a 0.1 release of Vespucci. Then I got the idea, that the help 
> > button could call a service open URL and point to local help html files. 
> > Creating nice looking html files is fairly easy. Making it easy to generate 
> > help documentation, wold probably encourage more people to create some at 
> > all. Maybe need some talking to Nikolaus about a SWK release.
> We have a problem with text input fields. Fred hat a short glance and 
> wrote me and Nikolaus an email, but i don't know how to reply :)

Yeah, saw your mails, and the fix, so hope this is working now.


> Riccardo

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