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[Fsuk-manchester] Welcome to the list!

From: Matt Lee
Subject: [Fsuk-manchester] Welcome to the list!
Date: Mon, 23 Jul 2007 13:45:25 +0100
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Thanks for signing up.

I don't know most of you, so perhaps we could each take a moment to
introduce ourselves, if only for my benefit.

I'll kick things off.. I'm Matt Lee, I founded this group, yesterday,
started working on it on Saturday and after some bad experiences with
some people on ManLUG on Friday, felt there was a need for this group.

I work for the GNU Project, and the University of Manchester. For the
GNU Project, I am the chief-webmaster, amongst other hats. I was
responsible for the redesign of http://www.gnu.org/ and I also moderate
many of the GNU and FSF IRC channels.

At the University of Manchester, I work on the myExperiment project.
It's a social network, akin to MySpace or FaceBook, but aimed at
scientists. The whole thing is Affero GPL licensed (v3), with a specific
focus on providing users with the freedom to create their own portals.

I look forward to meeting you all very soon. I'm already working on
guest speakers for future events.



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