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Re: Getting victory hands symbol from Wingdings

From: Andreas Falkenhahn
Subject: Re: Getting victory hands symbol from Wingdings
Date: Tue, 18 Aug 2020 16:55:12 +0200

I've debugged it now and it seems that in FreeType 2.5.4, a Unicode charmap 
will be synthesized if there is none. The code is in sfnt/sfobjs.c: In 
sfnt_load_face() the code will look for an Unicode charmap and if there is 
none, as it is the case with wingding.ttf, it will just add one. So this 
explains where this is coming from...

However, that synthesizing code doesn't really do anything besides adding an 
empty (?) Unicode charmap. AFAICS, it really just adds an empty Unicode charmap 
without taking the existing charmaps from the TTF file into account at all. So 
AFAICS what we have here is just a dummy Unicode charmap that is of no use so 
I'm wondering why this code is there at all?

On 18.08.2020 at 15:15 Sascha Brawer wrote:

> The fonttools python library [1] comes with ttx [2], a script for
> printing the tables inside a font to XML. After you’ve installed
> fonttools, something like [2] will print the character-to-glyph maps
> in your font. That output (just the cmap table should be enough)
> might help with debugging what’s going on here.

> [1]
> [2]
> [3] ttx -t cmap -o -  wingding.ttf

> Best,

> — Sascha

Best regards,
 Andreas Falkenhahn                  

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