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Re: [ft] Simple CL Tool

From: Peter Montgomery
Subject: Re: [ft] Simple CL Tool
Date: Thu, 6 Oct 2005 15:03:29 -0700


> > does anyone know of a commandline tool (or simple function call in
> > any popular language) which would render a string into a pretty
> > (cropped, transparent background) PNG file, using a specified
> > anti-aliased font and size?  usage such as
> > texttopng --font "Times" --size "16" "Hello World!" --output hello.png
> > would be perfect!
> Why not using the `ftstring' demo program, then capturing the image?

Probably becuase it's <way> easier to just load a PNG file (or a BMP or a
TIF or whatever) into an image viewer than it is to monkey around with a
capturing images, etc.


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