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Re: Update on OT-SVG in FreeType

From: Moazin K
Subject: Re: Update on OT-SVG in FreeType
Date: Wed, 4 Aug 2021 01:46:43 +0500

But both caching and rendering happens outside of FreeType, right?

Yes, in the hooks.
> Also, the cache structure must be unique for each instance of
> FT_Library, so making it a global variable may not work.

Yep.  Additionally, it wouldn't be thread-safe.

What about something like the following.

  typedef FT_Error
  (*SVG_Lib_Init_Func)( void*  data )

  typedef void
  (*SVG_Lib_Free_Func)( void*  data );

  typedef FT_Error
  (*SVG_Lib_Render_Func)( FT_GlyphSlot  slot,
                          void*         data );

  typedef FT_Error
  (*SVG_Lib_Preset_Slot_Func)( FT_GlyphSlot  slot,
                               void*         data,
                               FT_Bool       cache );

Umm, I have a similar thing in mind. Let me try it tomorrow morning
and I'll let you know.

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