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Re: Update on OT-SVG in FreeType

From: Moazin K
Subject: Re: Update on OT-SVG in FreeType
Date: Wed, 4 Aug 2021 01:01:27 +0500

> It's not really necessary to store it in FT_Library, if there's any
> other location that all the hooks can access, it'd work fine. Do you
> have other candidates to store the structure?

...why must this be in FreeType at all?  It's user data, so what about
letting the application store this?  All hooks are in user space,

This caching is something that the hooks need, FreeType doesn't care,
it's an optimization that the hooks want to do. But at the same time, it's
not really user data. It's intermediate temporary data generated and used
by the rendering process. While the client itself plugs in the hooks,
the rest of the "client application" never really cares about this data.

If you store this in some structure on the client side, how should the hooks
access it? Are you thinking of making it a global variable that can be then
accessed by the hook functions? Also, the cache structure must be unique
for each instance of FT_Library, so making it a global variable may not

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