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Re: GStreamer xwidget

From: Richard Stallman
Subject: Re: GStreamer xwidget
Date: Mon, 29 Nov 2021 23:09:23 -0500

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Thanks for the very clear explanation.  Now I have a general overview
of the architecture of GStreamer.  It seems clean.

So each file (more generally, source)`, based on the combination of
container formats and stream formats it contains, requires a
collection of filters which correspond to them, and connections
between them.  Is that right?

So how can we make Emacs look at, and accept or reject, those filters
based on our nontechnical criteria?

Where is the code that figures out the filters and connections
for a given file?  Is that a general facility included in GSreamer?
Or is it part of the proposed change to Emacs?

If it is part of the proposed change to Emacs, could someone please
show me that code, and explain what the parts of it do?

If it is part of GStreamer, could someone please show me the
code in Emacs which calls that part of GStreamer, and explain for
me the arguments passed to it and the values it passes back?

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