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Re: The new keymap functions

From: Lars Ingebrigtsen
Subject: Re: The new keymap functions
Date: Sun, 14 Nov 2021 04:17:30 +0100
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Lars Ingebrigtsen <larsi@gnus.org> writes:

> I've added the functions and converted the few define-keymap instances
> that are in-tree to the new syntax, but wanted to give all y'all a
> chance to discuss this further for a couple of days before I push these
> changes.

I've been going through the Emacs and lispref manuals, adjusting them to
the new functions.  I've moved the documentation of the central
functions like `define-keymap' and the description of all the different
syntaxes to a new node that documents these "legacy" functions, but the
manuals otherwise only talk about the new functions.

The good news is that this makes all of these bits go away:

 For example,
-(global-set-key (kbd "C-x C-\\") 'next-line)
-@end smallexample
-(global-set-key [?\C-x ?\C-\\] 'next-line)
-@end smallexample
-(global-set-key [(control ?x) (control ?\\)] 'next-line)
+(keymap-global-set "C-x C-\\" 'next-line)
 @end smallexample

as well as all the stuff that patiently describe the non-intuitive
difference/similarity between (global-set-key "á") and (global-set-key
"\M-a"), which is mostly irrelevant with the new functions.

The bad news is that during this work, I've discovered a few more
functions that need to have keymap-* equivalents, like


so it's a bit...  er...  more than originally planned.  But it's not bad
bad -- we get a more consistent naming scheme here.

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