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Swedish calendar localization in official release (sv-kalender.el)?

From: Arthur Miller
Subject: Swedish calendar localization in official release (sv-kalender.el)?
Date: Sun, 04 Jul 2021 13:40:25 +0200
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Just a question/suggestion: can we get a localized calendar for swedish
language into official release? There is a small file by Daniel Jensen,
found at: http://bigwalter.net/daniel/elisp/.

I did a small hack to it, just added names for abbreviated day names and
header array since it seems to not be properly initialized if
sv-kalender is loaded after the calender.el.

In a short mail correspondence with Daniel, he says he has signed FSF
copyrights, so I guess, legaly it shouldn't be a problem to include that
file amongst few other localizations in lisp/calender?

I don't know what is your policy to include localizations, I see there
are not many there, and those that are there (French "revolutionary")
and Chinese do much more than just localize names and few
hollidays. Anyway, it would be convenient if it was included. Maybe the
name of the file itself should be adjusted, like calender-swedish.el or

Also a side question about localizations as found on Emacs Wiki:


I can't imagine that day and month names and few other bits related to
that information can be copyrighted. Would ot be interesting to
collect info from that wiki page into some file with localized names
and maybe have Emacs auto load localized names when avialable based on
value in LANG env (or whatever variable is suitable), and a variable to
turn on/off that behaviour?

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