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Re: Swedish calendar localization in official release (sv-kalender.el)?

From: Teemu Likonen
Subject: Re: Swedish calendar localization in official release (sv-kalender.el)?
Date: Tue, 06 Jul 2021 13:30:26 +0300
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* 2021-07-06 11:38:49+0200, Arthur Miller wrote:

> Teemu Likonen <tlikonen@iki.fi> writes:
>> For calendar holidays I think an Elpa repository is the best platform
>> because calendars need to be checked (and possibly updated) yearly
>> about. New national conventions can be published any time. That is
>> different from Emacs release cycle.
> Doesn't calculations suffice? What has to be updated yearly?

Anything. Calendar holidays are politics. For example, in Finland there
appeared "Jean Sibeliuksen päivä" (for the composer Jean Sibelius) in
2011. "Suomen luonnon päivä" appeared in 2020. "Lapsen oikeuksien päivä"
was a normal holiday before but since 2020 it is recommended to raise
the Finnish national flag too.

These kind of things can happen any time. My "yearly" was only an
approximation because I think new national calendars are published
yearly. For Emacs calendar maintainers it is good idea to check (and
possibly update) their calendar code at least yearly. Not to forget that
the calendar cycle can be different in some countries or cultures.

All this says that it is best to publish national and other cultural
calendars separately from Emacs releases.

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