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Re: Making GNUS continue to work with Gmail

From: Stefan Monnier
Subject: Re: Making GNUS continue to work with Gmail
Date: Wed, 12 Aug 2020 11:55:39 -0400
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> That was an interesting offer! On paper that sounds awesome, question is
> how long-lasting they will be. Second - who the heck they are? Being
> born in a communist/socialist country I am a bit suspect of their
> left-rhetorics and anonymous "collective". I do share their ideas,
> sentiments and values, but they are completely anoynomous and thus
> non-transparent, so how can I trust them?

Indeed, you can't be very sure of anything in this respect, except that
you know for sure that Google will do its best to monetize your data.

> Actually I wrote paragraph about my opinion on how essential is for
> communication to be free for a democracy to thrive,

I think the real threat is centralization of power.  While it may turn
out that those small providers are in reality all secretly under the
control of Google, it's sufficiently unlikely IMO.

> You might be correct. I haven't really being looking around myself.
> But I would still prefer to help monetary some organisation I trust
> (like FSF/GNU).


>>> Skickat från min Samsung Galaxy-smartphone.
>> Hey, your phone is posting ads here! Tell him to behave ;-)
>> Cheers
>>  - tomás
> Interesting how information is interpretted. I would rather say this was
> a pure statement from my phone rather then an ad: it didn't say - go by
> me! :-). (I was at the go, didn't have access to Emacs :-)).

The presence of the brand name there is very clearly present for
advertisement reasons.  Most of advertisement focuses on
name-recognition, rather than on directly getting you to buy something.


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