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Re: Emacs's set-frame-size can not work well with gnome-shell?

From: Dmitry Gutov
Subject: Re: Emacs's set-frame-size can not work well with gnome-shell?
Date: Sat, 18 Jan 2020 05:05:33 +0300
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On 17.01.2020 2:53, martin rudalics wrote:
Then I'm at my wits' end ..

This is really unfortunate, because the users have been asking, repeatedly, for a (popup-based) interface for completion, "M-x", and other features. And the overlay-based approach has had known problems and limitations for years.

As we can see, posframe is kind of working okay for some users:


But somewhat ironically, it only mostly works on non-free OSes (GNOME is the most popular Free DE still).

(Also see https://www.reddit.com/r/emacs/comments/ejzwz7/wilmersdorf_theme_v050_also_featured_in/)

Is there anything more I can do to facilitate fixing this? Helping you set up a VM, or renting one in the Cloud, for instance.

So far my research says that we're maybe doing something unusual. Because there are few hits mentioning any problems with "child windows resize" on Goog, but something similar also comes up in relation to X Server implementations for MS Windows:



The latter is a report on somewhat similar problem our users have with childframe-based packages (company-box and company-posframe) when using VcXsrv or Xming. In this environment, resizing happens, but with heavy graphical artefacts. Fixed by switching to "MobaXTerm", apparently.

Alternatively, if we can't make resizing child frames work reliably, maybe prohibit it on the API level? And then work on making sure that deleting and re-creating a new child frame, and showing a buffer there, is fast enough.

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