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Re: [dmidecode] contribute to dmidecode for spec 2.8 and 3.0

From: sai
Subject: Re: [dmidecode] contribute to dmidecode for spec 2.8 and 3.0
Date: Sat, 29 Aug 2015 00:09:10 -0600
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Hi Jean,

Thanks. I've submitted the patch. I wasn't referring to the struct in the code but rather the strings used were different from what was available in the specification (in Type 4, Table 22, Meaning Column). Is it because they are ENUMs ?

Also, is it possible to build a next version and make it available as dmidecide-maj.min.tar.gz for 2.8 and 3.0 ? So that buildroot can automatically pick it up from ?


On 2015-08-27 01:40, Jean Delvare wrote:
Hi Sai,

On Wed, 26 Aug 2015 11:23:01 -0600, address@hidden wrote:
Yes, thanks for the information and the ticket about Contribution
information. I think I spoke too soon :). I was using dmidecode-2.12 via
buildroot and thought that was on the HEAD of the source tree. I
realized after I did a git clone of the code that all that I needed was
already there.

OK, great.

I found a typo that the 2.8 specification corrected that I didn't see in
the code so I'll submit that :).

Please do!

I was also wondering why aren't the names such as '(7.5.2) Processor
Family' are not the same as those in the specification ?

This particular example seems to match just fine, both specification
versions 2.8.0 and 3.0.0 have "7.5.2 Processor Information - Processor
Family" and the source code has:

static const char *dmi_processor_family(const struct dmi_header *h, u16 ver)
        const u8 *data = h->data;
        unsigned int i, low, high;
        u16 code;

        /* 7.5.2 */
        static struct {
                int value;
                const char *name;
        } family2[] = {

So what exactly is bothering you?

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