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ANN: LuserNET 0.4.3

From: Riccardo Mottola
Subject: ANN: LuserNET 0.4.3
Date: Sun, 29 Mar 2015 17:05:17 +0200

Hi all,

to save it from bitrotting, I imported the latest sources I found (0.4.2) of LuserNET into gnustep-nonfsf, where you can already find pantomime and GNUmail. Old LuserNet did contain a lot of bugs and patches were already floating around, like in Debian. The new Pantomime required some updates too or posting would not work.

You can get it here:


I haven't created a homepage, the wiki entry is enough, I don't formally take over maintainership either (that's why I did not import it in GAP). I will try to work on it best effort.

The current version restores the existing functionality but does not fix any older bugs or adds/finishes features. This message has been written with LuserNET itself on my iBook running Debian!

What's fixed?
* works with 1.2.2 Pantomime
* build system fixes
* use modern runtime functions, so that it can work with current/recent GNUstep
* many minor and major warning fixes (headers, casts, etc)
* encoding features originally done by Sergey Golovin
* encoding fixes to the code above whic was again 7/8 years old

What remains really to be fixed:
* Sometimes messages appear with an encoded email and no content and look like random data. I suppose message data is not correctly decoded * Some messages appear to have a correct header, but then nothing can be shown and (null) appears in the body.

Any help investigating the above issues appreciated!

Less problematic, but still to do would be to update some of the interface code: the windows sometimes open in unexpected places, for example. Still, I think it is better than the old version and so I push it out, if there are still some LuserNET users.


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