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Re: GORM and NSCollectionView

From: Fred Kiefer
Subject: Re: GORM and NSCollectionView
Date: Wed, 11 Mar 2015 00:25:03 +0100

I got a whole bit closer today, I now understand where the view for the 
collection view item comes from and why it wasn't displayed with the old code. 
Another order dependent issue, that should be resolved now. The remaining big 
problem is how to transver the KVB from the text field  prototype to the 
generated copies for each item. At the moment bindings don't get archived when 
writing out a view, looks like we need to change this, but I don't have an idea 


On the road

Am 09.03.2015 um 13:51 schrieb Alessandro Sangiuliano <address@hidden>:

> Hello, I just saw the emails because I wasn't at home this week.
> Thanks for all the fixes I'll try them In about 1 hour, then I'l report the 
> situation.
> You also spoken about contribution. I'd like to contribute directly to 
> gnustep, but there are some problems:
> 1) I study Cocoa/GNUstep in my free time, that's few and sporadic; think that 
> I started to do some work on étoilé in 2011 and I started to study 
> AppKit/-gui  (the internals, and how it is structured) about 3-4 weeks ago. 
> The rik.theme I'm working on helped too.
> 2) To speed up knowlegdes about gnustep I need a mentor, that corrects me 
> when I do/say stupid or non sense things, and has patience when I start to do 
> a lot of questions.
> However, if you need fast communication about NSCollectionView little app we 
> are talking/fixing/working on,  you can find me on the etoile irc channel on 
> efnet, just send me a mail to decide the day  to meet on the channel. I know 
> there  is also a gnustep channel on freenode, by the few times I got online, 
> I never got a reply, but if you prefer the gnustep channel one, for me there 
> is no problem.
> Alex.
> Il 08/03/2015 23:23, Fred Kiefer ha scritto:
>> OK, this time my changes should bring you a lot closer to what you are
>> expecting. The two important changes where some clean up in
>> NSArrayController to update the arranged objects in many cases (some are
>> still missing and the others are rather inefficient). And to get the
>> NSCollectionViewItem to display something. For this I hacked together a
>> -view method. This will need a lot of rework, but at least now you
>> should see something.
>> I also had to make a few changes to your source code, you will find the
>> new files attached. This is mostly about having proper access methods.
>> It will be some time until I work again on this issue as I am away for a
>> few days next week.
>> Fred
>>> Am 07.03.2015 um 11:57 schrieb Fred Kiefer:
>>> You should forget about converting your NIB file to gorm format, there is 
>>> no reason for doing so, now that GNUstep supports NIB and XIB format. Just 
>>> stick with .nib files and try to get these working with GNUstep, which will 
>>> be hard enough.
>>> I did a few more changes and the error messages you reported as item 3. 
>>> should be resolved now. But this

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