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Re: GNUStep 20th anniversary - GNUstep summit

From: Scott Christley
Subject: Re: GNUStep 20th anniversary - GNUstep summit
Date: Sat, 07 Mar 2015 17:58:24 -0600

Hello Everyone,

I’m a little late to the discussion, it has been hectic lately, but happy 
anniversary!  Hard to imagine it has been 20 years, making me feel old...

Here is a little blast from the past, I took some pictures.  I still have a box 
of these, and the second release, nicely sealed for posterity :-D


I would love to take a trip to Europe and meet some of you!  I’ve gotten 
together with Gregory a couple times when I was out in California. I’ve always 
wanted to meet Richard and share a pint as he really carried GNUstep on his 
shoulders after I had to leave the community, especially making the base 
library such the solid package that it is today.  I use it every day for all of 
my research, I even got it running on this beast, but shhhh! don’t tell 
anybody, those Cray guys get a little cranky when you aren’t using their 
optimized compiler.  I’ve yet to convince them to support Objective-C directly.


As for a meeting place, I have no preference, both Dublin and Vienna sound 
great to me.  Timing for me is probably the only issue.  I think like others 
have mentioned, it should be far enough ahead so can get decent airplane 
tickets from the USA.  I will likely be starting a new position with the school 
year in August, so it also needs to be before then.

It is sad and unfortunate, but a disaster in my storage basement means that 
I’ve lost almost all of my archived material from the early days.  I’ve lost 
the backup tapes from the computers at that time, all of the legal documents, 
the artwork for the 2 CD releases, and even my Alpha processor GNU/Linux 
machine that I ported the Objective-C compiler to, the only thing salvaged was 
a box of CDs.  I had saved everything in storage with the hope that one day I 
could digitize it and get as much put on the internet, so it is a sad turn of 
events :-(  Of course, GNUstep lives on so that is a good thing.


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