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Re: Gnustep Application: GSBurn

From: Andreas Schik
Subject: Re: Gnustep Application: GSBurn
Date: Tue, 24 Apr 2012 12:16:33 +0200
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Am 24.04.2012 10:51, schrieb Sebastian Reitenbach:

> We just imported Cynthiune into GAPs CVS some weeks ago. I already
> fixed some interfaces, to make it work again for me on OpenBSD, with the
> available packages. The WindowsMedia Bundle, and LibMusicBrainz interface
> are the only two that are not working for me. Further I added a OpenBSD 
> specific Sndio output backend bundle, to use the OpenBSD native sound
> daemon. So check that out, and if you have problems/suggestions/patches
> for it, let me know about it. I'm happy about any contributions.
Ah, great :-) I just tried it and lo and behold, everything compiles
here :-) except the OSS bundle. On Ubuntu 10.04 at least there exists no
libossaudio, hence linking of the bundle fails. The output bundle works,
though. From the code in Bundles/OSS it is also not clear to me, why
such a library would be needed. Apart from native GNUstep code it only
uses some constants from soundcard.h AFAICS.

Grüße / Cheers

Andreas Schik

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